A JavaScript community in Dunedin, New Zealand

Modern JavaScript: workshop 4

As promised – this month we’re going all React. React is a library for building user interfaces. It is developed by Facebook.https://facebook.github.io/react/...     Continue Reading

Modern JavaScript: workshop 3

This month we’ll continue from where we finished the December workshop with the DunedinJS/migrating-to-modern-js project. Everything wil...     Continue Reading

Migrating to modern JS

A new repository which shows an example of how an existing project can be migrated to modern JavaScript syntax, features, and technologies. The aim is to introduce enough about each aspect so that developers can apply the concepts to the...     Continue Reading


The first nz.js(con); has been announced for Wellington on March 9–10, 2017.This will be New Zealand’s first dedicated national JavaScript conference.     Continue Reading

Modern JavaScript: workshop 2

This month we get much more hands-on with some smaller topics which will form the basis for ongoing workshops. December 20, 20165:30pm to 7:30pmRoom D101, D block (on Harbour Terrace), Otago Polytechnic     Continue Reading

DunedinJS YouTube channel

A DunedinJS channel on YouTube which curates some of the best JavaScript videos available. These mostly come from international conferences and meetups or are tutorials from independent content creators.     Continue Reading

DunedinJS GitHub organisation

A GitHub organisation for DunedinJS has been created. This is a place for all repositories relating to the community.     Continue Reading

Modern JavaScript: workshop 1

We are starting a series of monthly workshops on modern JavaScript. These are being run as on off-shoot of CodeCraft Dunedin and will usually...     Continue Reading