A JavaScript community in Dunedin, New Zealand

Modern JavaScript: workshop 2

This month we get much more hands-on with some smaller topics which will form the basis for ongoing workshops.

December 20, 2016
5:30pm to 7:30pm
Room D101, D block (on Harbour Terrace), Otago Polytechnic

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See workshop content in the DunedinJS/dunedin-modern-javascript repo


Bring your own laptop with Git and Node.js 6.9 installed.
Follow the instructions here to install Node.js:

Also have a text editor with first-class JavaScript support – Atom, VSCode, and Sublime Text are best.

Migrating an existing app to modern JS

Take a small old-style JS app, make the source code modular, and introduce modern JS features in a pragmatic way.

DunedinJS/migrating-to-modern-js stages 00 to 05