A JavaScript community in Dunedin, New Zealand

Modern JavaScript: workshop 3

This month we’ll continue from where we finished the December workshop with the DunedinJS/migrating-to-modern-js project.

Everything will still be at a suitable level for new-comers but it is recommended to take a look project repo and see stages 00 to 05.

January 17, 2017
5:30pm to 7:30pm
Room D101, D block (on Harbour Terrace), Otago Polytechnic

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Bring your own laptop with Git and Node.js 6.9 installed.
Follow the instructions here to install Node.js:

Also have a text editor with first-class JavaScript support – Atom, VSCode, and Sublime Text are best.

Part 1: Unit testing with Jest

We’ll introduce basic unit tests with Jest.

DunedinJS/migrating-to-modern-js stage 06

Part 2: Convert to modern syntax

Convert the existing source code to modern syntax.
We will use ESLint to enforce good code style and briefly introduce ES6 class syntax.

DunedinJS/migrating-to-modern-js stages 07 and 08

Part 3: ???

Let’s leave this open.

It would be great if anybody has something to present.
An informal question and answer session on anything JavaScript related might also be useful for many.

See workshop content in the DunedinJS/dunedin-modern-javascript repo